Search the Bible/Torah code online now

We've just launched our new website!


The new BibleCodesApp website features a simple design with a user friendly interface,
and all the functionality you need to start searching the Hebrew Scriptures for ELS(Equidistant Letter Sequence or Skip) codes.


A video recording of a search for the word LAUNCH and a few alternate codes which took a little over 3 min in the new BibleCodesApp:

A few screenshots of the new BibleCodesApp:


In search of a Bible or Torah code searching application? Here’s a list of reasons why BibleCodesApp is the right choice for you:

Comparision BibleCodesApp Traditional Programs
Initial Setup Simply sign in and start working. Download, installation and license activation.
User Access Accessible from multiple computers. Licensed per device.
Operating System Support Works on all desktop, laptop and MacBook devices. Works on Microsoft Windows only.
Updates New updates and features are available instantly. Not possible due to the format and period they were released in.
Learning Curve Designed with a modern approach and user friendliness in mind. Difficult, you may need some training in the beginning.
Code Annotation Built-in designer for code colors, comments and positioning. Export to photoshop, etc to annotate.
Saving and Loading Your data is saved on BibleCodesApp, easily load saved matrices when signing in from another computer. Data is saved on your computer, needs to be backed up and restored to access on another computer.
Scripture Range Search from Genesis to Revelation. Most don't include the New Testament.