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“Help keep BCA live”

You’ll notice the BCA website and app may contain ads going forward, the reason for the monetization is simple, keep this service available to the users who use it.
To date we have 9500 downloads on the Google Play Store(soon to hit the 10k mark which is brilliant because we’ve never really advertised to promote installs), and a decent amount of web traffic each month. The platform has been available for almost 5 years now and not a single penny has been generated from it, because this website and app wasn’t built with a money making incentive, but because I love what you love, the Word of Yahuah and the code matrices have always been an interesting topic to me.
In addition to advertising, how will we keep content alive – I’m asking for you to contribute to this website in the form of articles and code matrices, your work will be valued and seen by many others on the website and app, we’ll also include a link to your website in our new(coming soon) partners/contributors page.

Recently, we’ve had a few upsetting reviews on the Play Store, and when reading them I realised I haven’t maintained the website and app for a very long time, users are complaining that there is no search functionality within the app, and that the app isn’t working correctly on the latest versions of Android.

How are we going to make these users happy, well with implementing what they want, but development isn’t cheap and doesn’t take a few minutes to add new features to an app, it takes hours, if not, days; all based on how technical the requirements are. I’ve listed some goals down below, check them out and if you have any ideas or features you would like to see in future, let me know by using use the contact form here.

Future goals:

  1. Content contribution(starts now)
  2. Update Android app to support newer devices(in development already)
  3. Add code searching feature to app with the following feature subsets: translation service, save/load function, share your code findings feature, etc.
  4. Port app to Apple iOS(This is the final goal, we’ve had a few requests to do this and we really need to, but all depends on how well the monetization of this site performs)

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